Katie Bradley (vocal and blues harp)



Katie has had a passion for the Blues from an early age. Her voice and Blues harp have taken her anywhere she sets her heart on: the UK, Europe and the U.S. Everywhere Katie plays she wins the camaraderie of great musicians the world over. Her versatility and natural stage persona is full of verve and soul which is infectious to audiences and players. It hasn’t been until recently 2012 that Katie decided to produce her Blues debut, which is a live session CD “She’s Ready” which had to and feature award winning, world class musicians featuring:

Dudley Ross (guitar), Paul  (keys and vocals), Joe Sam (Bass) and Sam Kelly (Drums and engine room).

“A stellar Blues Line-up, a great Blues Festival Band”

Paul Jobson, Katie Bradley, Dudley Ross, Joe Sam

Pro Drummer

Katie’s debut Blues Album “She’s Ready” 2012

Katie’s debut Blues Album “She’s  Ready” 2012

“Katie Bradley’s arrival on the music scene introduces us to a very fine singer and songwriter. Her gorgeous, original song, ‘I Hear the River’, is one of the songs of the year for me, I get goose bumps every time I play it!It comes from her debut CD which features an excellent mix of original material and very good covers and is receiving a great deal of well-deserved praise and plenty of airplay. Katie is definitely an artist whose star should be in the ascendancy and I look forward to a great and successful future for her.”

–  Ashwyn Smyth http://www.digitalblues.co.uk

Praise for “She’s Ready”:

A photo by sarah Jane Buss-burns

“Beautiful love song Katie. I am loving it. Tears running down the streets”

– Mud Morganfield (Muddy Waters eldest son)

“A fine, soulful voice, interesting arrangements and a band of great players…”

– Tim Avesthe Blues is Back

“She’s Ready “ is The Brand new CD release from one of the hottest female performers this country has seen for a long time. “I hear the River” is just such an original and moving song it’ll stop you in your tracks and catch your breath .A major contender for song of the year, I think. The original tracks are written in collaboration with guitarist extraordinaire Dudley Ross These carefully chosen and  beautifully executed  ‘covers’ are dealt with such compassion, finesse and expression that goes to make the whole CD a totally unique experience. See Katie while you can now, you may not be able to afford to soon!!! “She’s Ready!”  – She sure is!”

– Kevin Beale Blues On The Marsh

 Katie’s Style:

Katie’s range is from explosive upbeat vocals to finely tuned down-home Blues. Every number is produced with respect to the lyric and the soul of the song. Katie takes you with her, her powerful yet delicate voice could never sing a song she has not interpreted fully as herself.

“Katie has a wonderful voice and very appealing stage manner, which generates a warm atmosphere in any venue”.

– Brendan Power –

“Katie’s powerful vocal crosses the tracks from sweet gospel to down-home blues without ever sacrificing quality or emotional resonance. Katie and her band are perfect for any Saturday night or Sunday morning.”

– Tom Attah  – http://www.tomattah.com


“The talents of Katie Bradley Bouille and Dudley Ross are definitely ones to watch….slipping with ease from full blooded blues to subtle and delicate laid back tunes…they cover all bases and will please the ears of all kinds of music lovers! “

David Watkins  – Blues Train

When Katie Bradleys music reached my ears I was impressed, very impressed, so much so that I invited her onto Wall to Wall Blues as my artist of the week! In my opinion Katie has a lovely, distinctive voice which is indeed a pleasure to listen to. I predict Katie has a glittering musical
future ahead of her.’

– Les YoungWall to Wall Blues

Katie Bradley's Debut Blues Album

Blues, Blues, Mama, Blues!



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