Katie visits the Snake Pit with Howling Dick – Mardi Gras at The House of Mercy Part One:


I have been a follower of Howling Dick’s for some time. HD knows his onions, he knows the Blues embroiled with great soundbites that paint and colour his show.  HD has been playing my music and the invitation to come and play some live tunes on his porch quickly followed. His radio show recently reached it’s 100th episode: a weekly hour emmersed in the best of Blues, Soul, Gospel and country genres. Music from Staple Singers to Gillian Welch – Bliss for anyone with eclectic taste (taste full stop).

staple singers

For a good while HD and I had planned a live session, fate decided that it would be better for me to visit fellow Broadcaster Barry Marshall Everett’s Snake pit studio buried in the herth of The House of Mercy for a double studio session. I asked my good friend and Blues troubadour, Dave Ferra to join me for the session, a resounding yes was heard and guitars and harps were packed..


As we entered the HOM I was greeted by the wonderful Bex Marshall fragrancing the air with the sweet smell of butterscotch syrup and pancakes. Mardi Gras had never smelt so sweet.


Conversations drew from the best sources of British Blues, as we set up we got to hear about all sorts of gems and stories that Barry shared in first hand.

There will be a link to follow for House of Mercy and for Downhome with Howling Dick.

In the meantime visit their shows, if you are in love with music – you are bound to get hooked!


howling dick



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